Aug 2, 2012

Mines Legislation (Streamlining) Amendment Bill 2012


On 2 August 2012, Hon Andrew Cripes MP, Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, introduced the Mines Legislation (Streamlining) Amendment Bill 2012.

The Bill was referred to the Agriculture, Resources and Environment Committee (AREC) in accordance with Standing Order 131. The committee will now examine the policies the Bill seeks to give effect to as well as the Bill’s lawfulness and the application of fundamental legislative principles, as set out in s.4 of the Legislative Standards Act 1992.

The following documents are relevant to the Referral:

AREC has announced that:the closing date for submissions is Wednesday 8 August 2012.  Dot points will be fine and it will be particularly helpful if you identify the clause, or clauses, from the Bill which your comments relate to.

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